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Island Dreamscape Ring


A raw-cut Herkimer 10+ karat diamond rests gently in a vintage filigree setting. This ring epitomizes the rare and unusual and, due to its cut, has a liquid appearance that plays with light. A great, natural accent for day or night.  Each Island Dreamscape Ring is a one-of-a-kind artpiece, hand-made by Margaret.

Fashion Fact: Herkimer diamonds hail from Herkimer, New York, near the epicenter of the world's fashion capitol, Manhattan. The gemstones are known for their extreme clarity and a variety of mystical powers.

Celebrity Culture: The sculptural, museum-quality appearance yet natural raw-cut look of these gemstones makes them a perfect fit for casual, Palisade daywear, beachwear or on one of Hollywood's red carpets.

Dimensions: 'Diamond' is 1-inch in length, 1/2-inch in height when worn; all stones one-of-a-kind. One size fits most. 

Materials: Raw-cut Herkimer double-terminated 'diamond', vintage silver filigree.  Your diamond shape may vary slightly from diamond in photography.  The Island Dreamscape Ring is delivered in a Margaret Rowe Noir archival velvet box and is stamp-signed by the designer.

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