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For two decades, Margaret Rowe has traveled the world to collect materials and inspiration for her unique designs.  From her experiences blossom luxury jewelry collections that add sparkle to your aura -- art pieces touched by her artist's hand and heirloom aesthetic.  Margaret believes you are the star of your own life's story and creates her jewelry designs to illuminate your story and put you firmly in the spotlight.

Margaret's collections range from her hand-made, one-of-a-kind art pieces that blend estate and contemporary elements to her Diamontage™ simulated diamond designs to her Debonaire™ cufflink & boutonniere accessories for men.  

So many hours of care, design, thought and personal touch are put into each of Margaret's hand-made collections that we simply like to refer to her work as 'The New Precious'.


Your life is a pageant of rich memories and future dreams. You want your heirloom jewelry to personify you.  That's why you choose Margaret Rowe. Heirlooms for life.