Margaret Rowe Riviera Royalty Diamontage™ 2.4 Carat Studs – Margaret Rowe Couture

Riviera Royalty Diamontage™ 2.4 Carat Studs


Four baguette and a quartet of round-cut Diamontage™ simulated diamonds pay homage to a luminous, faceted round Diamontage™ centerstone to yield a stunning pair of earrings that have intricate architectural depth and astounding topography -- this pair must be seen and worn to appreciate. The delicate Riviera Royalty pair is Margaret's brilliant, architectural take on the overly simplified and, at times, mundane diamond solitaire earring.  Open-backed architecture allows for maximum light play and sparkling brilliance for the Diamontage™ facets.

Celebrity Culture: The Riviera Royalty Diamontage™ earrings have been worn at various award season events, including the VMAs and The People's Choice Awards.

Dimensions: .375-.425 inches in diameter :: amazing depth and topography

Approximate Carat Weight (mm/c):  1.2 carats per earring, 2.4 carats per pair (+/-)

Materials: Hand-made earrings of hand-set oval and round Diamontage™ gems completed with a no tarnish, hypo-allergenic rhodium finish. Diamontage is our perfected brand of AAA+ Swiss simulated diamonds. Diamontage diamonds are simulated to be flawless, free of inclusions, totally transparent and cast a brighter fire than real diamonds.

Finishing: The Riviera Royalty pair is delivered to you in a Margaret Rowe designer's Noir velvet box.

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