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Amethyst Malibu Bloom Bracelet


Tumbled, polished aubergine chunks of semi-precious amethyst brighten each other's day and populate wonderfully in a cluster that is a bouquet of intoxicating sculpture for the wrist.  Margaret personally selects her amethyst chunks and makes each Malibu Bloom Bracelet by hand; thus, creating a one-of-a-kind, semi-precious surf-side treasure for you. 

Margaret's Note:  The hues of the setting sun as it dives into the Pacific Ocean, turn the southern facing edges of the Santa Monica Mountains into a kaleidoscopic study in purples every day.  From eggplant to aubergine, lavendar to indigo, the mountainside and sun's hues conspire to play with our eyesight.  From this landscape, I chose polished Amethyst for its central place in the purple palette and am still in search of the perfect rough-cut trove of indigo gemstones with which to create my Malibu Colony bracelet.  As amethyst, it is said, can remedy ailments and magnify beauty, I thought it the perfect choice for my Malibu Bloom bracelet.

California Culture:  The Amethyst Malibu Bloom Bracelet exudes Malibu's '17 Miles Of Scenic Beauty' and the rich balance of a coastal California lifestyle where organic jeweled pieces can easily be worn casually as a statement piece for evening wear or special occasion.

Dimensions: Custom-made and sized to fit per order.  Choose from sizes 6.5 or 7.5-inch or add your custom size in 'Notes' upon check-out.

Materials: Each Malibu Bloom bracelet is finished with a polished, plated rhodium double-link chain and clasped with a signature jeweled, magnetic 'egg' clasp.  The Malibu Bloom Bracelet is delivered to you in a Margaret Rowe Noir velvet box or archival bracelet wallet, with Certificate of Creation & Authenticity and is stamp-signed by the designer.

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