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Marquise Romance Eternity Diamontage™ 22.8 Carat Earrings

Marquise Romance Eternity Diamontage™ 22.8 Carat Earrings

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Eleven masterfully cut 10x5mm marquise Diamontage™ simulated diamonds orbit around a marquise centerstone to form a floral architecture that is par excellence.  Twenty four total hand-set marquise gems comprise a pair of earrings will certainly be the cornerstone of your earring collection.  Open-backed architecture allows for maximum light play and sparkling brilliance.  The Marquise Romance Eternity pair make a sparkling statement with day wear, evening wear or lingerie.

Fashion Fact: Margaret was inspired to create the floral 'revolution' design on the Marquise Romance Eternity pair to pay homage to jeweled vintage clusters of the 1930s, '40s and '50s.

Celebrity Culture: The Marquise Romance Eternity earrings have been worn on the runways of several luxury fashion brands, including that of Kiki du Montparnesse.

Dimensions: 2-inches in length

Approximate Carat Weight (mm/c):  11.4 carats per earring, 22.8 carats per pair (+/-)

Materials: Hand-made earrings of hand-set Diamontage™ round and oval gems completed with a no tarnish, hypo-allergenic rhodium finish. Diamontage is our perfected brand of simulated diamonds. Diamontage™ diamonds are simulated to be flawless, free of inclusions, totally transparent and cast a brighter fire than real diamonds.

Finishing: The Marquise Romance Eternity pair is delivered to you in a Margaret Rowe designer's Noir velvet box.