Margaret Rowe Cushion Cut Deco Diamontage™ 13.68 Carat Earrings – Margaret Rowe Couture

Cushion Cut Deco Diamontage™ 13.68 Carat Earrings


Two brilliant 6.84 carat (10mm) hand-set simulated Diamontage™ diamonds are suspended in ornate prong-set, backless, rhodium settings to yield an elegant pair of earrings that will garner notice by day or evening.

Fashion Fact: Simplicity and sparkle is Margaret's main goal for this exquisite pair of earrings that are a staple in her own personal jewelry collection. Timeless is the tale with the Cushion Cut Deco -- you will own & wear these earrings forever.

Celebrity Culture: The simplistic look of these cushion-cut artpieces is often seen on Hollywood red carpets as the single drop, like post earrings, are a sure-fire accessorizing choice sans stylist.

Dimensions: 1-inch in length

Approximate Carat Weight (mm/c):  6.84 carats per earring, 13.68 carats per pair  (+/-)

Materials: Hand-made earrings of hand-set pillow-cut Diamontage™ completed with a no tarnish, hypo-allergenic rhodium finish. Diamontage is our perfected brand of AAA+ Swiss simulated diamonds. Diamontage diamonds are simulated to be flawless, free of inclusions, totally transparent and cast a brighter fire than real diamonds.Finishing: The Cushion Cut Deco pair is delivered to you in a Margaret Rowe designer's Noir velvet box.

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