Margaret Rowe Couture Baguette Romance Eternity Diamontage™ Bracelet

Baguette Romance Eternity Diamontage™ 23.683 Carat Bracelet


A field of sixty (60) baguettes and twenty-four (24) princess-cut Diamontage™ simulated diamonds that form a symmetrical Deco pattern surround a brilliant, faceted 7mm round to yield a bracelet straight from a master jeweler's dream.  Open-backed architecture allows for maximum light play and sparkling brilliance of all baguette, round and princess cuts.  The Baguette Romance Eternity bracelet will be a cornerstone in your collection, whether worn against the skin or over blouse sleeve.  Transitions perfectly from day/casual wear to evening wear and special occasion.

Fashion Fact: Margaret loves to design using baguettes and marquise shaped gemstones.  The Baguette Romance Eternity bracelet was born from her desire to show a solitaire (round) in a non-traditional way; in this case, populated with baguettes in linear and geometric fashion.

Celebrity Culture: The Baguette Romance Eternity bracelet has been worn on numerous Hollywood red carpets, including that of the 2014 Britannia Awards, honoring Dame Judi Densch and Robert Downey, Jr. 

Dimensions: Available in 17cm (6.7 inches) or 19cm (7.5 inches) length

Approximate Carat Weight (mm/c):   23.683 carats (+/-)

Materials: Hand-made bracelet of baguette Diamontage™ completed with a no tarnish, hypo-allergenic rhodium finish. Diamontage is our perfected brand of AAA+ Swiss simulated diamonds. Diamontage diamonds are simulated to be flawless, free of inclusions, totally transparent and cast a brighter fire than real diamonds.

Finishing: The Baguette Romance Eternity bracelet is delivered to you in a Margaret Rowe designer's Noir velvet box. 

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