Margaret Rowe Couture Silver Nouveau Spray Bridal & Fashion Clutch

Couture Silver Nouveau Spray Clutch


To be jeweled or not to be jeweled . . . there really is no question.  You need to be jeweled!  The Nouveau Spray clutch gives you an elegant dose of sparkle in a classic composition.  The elements of illumination, in the faceted crystal cabochon texture, and jewelry, in the encrusted floral Nouveau closure, make this piece an irresistible accessory.  Polished, adjustable link chain can tuck inside or swing out to convert to fashionable handbag.  Capable of holding iPhone, Samsung and Android phones in addition to your compacts, keys and usual necessities.

Margaret's Inspiration:  This clutch has texture in all directions.  First, the faceted crystal 'skin' is as you see it, a topography of cabochon sparkle on all sides of the clutch.  Second, you have a delicate spray of my signature Nouveau jewelry as a closure with faceted crystal and rhodium metalwork throughout.  Together, simply two reasons why this clutch is a wearable work of art!

Dimensions: 9" (l) x 5" (h) x 2" (w) inches

Materials:  Crystal. Polished, chromed edging and rhodium-plated long/short adjustable link chain in two styles.

Finishing:  The Margaret Rowe Couture 'Silver Nouveau Spray' clutch is delivered to you in a Margaret Rowe designer's gift box.

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